Our products are independently lab-tested to ensure we meet specification requirements.

Loadrite Scales - Certificate of Accuracy

Our Loader is fitted with the latest technology scales.  The system can weigh down to 20kg and ensures load is digitally recorded and itemised for your billing requirements.  As per attachment, our scales are certified for trade ensuring that, combined with our new Hitachi Loader, you can be loaded with accuracy and speed.

GAP-65 (MR8) MDDGAP-65 (MR8) Grade Curve

GAP-40 (MR9) MDD |  GAP-40 (MR9) Grade Curve

Clay Overburden

We have valuable clay overburden for your project needs.  This has been tested and meets permeability specification. 

 Soft Pit Run (SPR)

The quarry has SPR metal for your bulk fill requirements.  

MQ Strip.JPG